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A complete Cloud Intranet

for all types of businesses

Podio is a tool of choice for companies wanting to simplify their workflow and optimize their productivity. This collaborative platform is extremely flexible. In particular, it makes it easy to communicate with all the stakeholders of a project, to distribute tasks quickly and to ensure the sound management of all your projects. Podio even contains a space to chat with your team, a thread to track activities and countless possible applications to improve and automate your administration.

Whatever the size of your business and the complexity of your needs, Podio will exceed your expectations with its flexibility and efficiency. If necessary, our team can help you create a personalized space for your company and help you improve your work processes.


Here are some scenarios to illustrate how Podio can contribute to your success :

Project management

Easily manage your projects with Podio! The platform allows you to create and distribute specific tasks or entire projects. You will be able to share files and follow-up notes with your employees and check the progress of the work in real time.
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Sales management (CRM)

Organize your sales team and keep track of your customers! Podio offers a customer space and tracking tools that let you know exactly where you are in your customer relationships, revenue from each and the history of requests. You will also be able to assign customers to your employees.
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Corporate Intranet

Automate your company's procedures! Podio allows you to plan vacations, generate productivity reports and centralize your information gathering. In addition, the platform facilitates communication between stakeholders and file tracking.
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Real Estate

Do you manage several properties? Podio centralizes all your data and folders. You will easily find your customers' cards and their contact information to organize visits and follow up.
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Podio keeps your clients' accounting data safe. You will be able to manage your files in a single interface unifying all of your work processes. The platform can even be linked with QuickBooks to automate some of your accounting processes (billing, online payment, etc.).
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Podio helps agencies unlock their full potential. The platform offers the opportunity to unify accounting, project management, a customer relationship management system and scheduling. Deliver your projects faster and easier with Podio!
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Podio aide les agences à libérer leur plein potentiel. La plateforme offre la possibilité d’unifier la comptabilité, la gestion des projets, un système de gestion des relations avec la clientèle et l’établissement des échéanciers. Livrez vos projets plus rapidement et plus simplement avec Podio!
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Easily share

your files and projects with your collaborators

In addition to the countless management possibilities offered by the platform, Podio allows you to quickly share files and folders with your collaborators. Unmatched flexibility, you can use Podio to segment your business and give personalized access to your collaborators.

This tool gives you the opportunity to divide the various departments of your company to simplify the task management and make the information available to the collaborators concerned.

Inside your workspaces, you will be able to manage the tasks of your employees, assign projects and share the files needed to complete them, all in real time. Your employees will be informed of the latest activities concerning them.

An integrated chat

to boost your communications

Podio offers a chat room in each of your applications. Your teams can discuss a project within a specific file, without cluttering the thread of all other users. Better yet, the platform allows you to like a comment or activities to create a friendly environment for your employees to share and help each other. You will not have to use Facebook or another social network that may distract everyone : Podio centralizes all your internal communications, whether professional or slightly fun!


A mobile app

for your smart devices

Are you often on the go and using a website to manage your projects does not tell you anything? Are you often on the go and using a website to manage your projects is not your cup of tea? Podio offers a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Stay on top of your company's latest activities, even on the road.

Podio :

flexibility that makes you more productive

Thanks to its programming interface (API), Podio offers an unparalleled level of customization to meet your specific needs. The tool can be used to manage simple tasks as well as the complete automation of a company. In this sense, Podio can replace some of your software and reduce operating costs.

Communicate with us to find out more and discover how Podio can contribute to your success!