Data backup

Back up and protect your web data
Nobody wants to lose data. Our team offers automatic backup solutions that will ensure you have access to your data, even in the event of a disaster.


Per month
    • Keep up to 30 days

    • Restoration by Magik Web | $49.95 / copy


Per month
    • Keep up to 30 days

    • Restoration by Magik Web | Free and unlimited

Data backup

up to 30 days

Our backup system stores all the data of your Web hosting : website, emails, configurations and databases. All our hostings automatically benefit from this protection so you can keep copies of your data safe.

The loss of important data can have serious consequences for a company. Projects are delayed, customers become impatient and the brand image can suffer greatly. Being hosted at Magik Web, you benefit from our automated backup system that allows you to retrieve a copy of your data up to 30 days back. If you need to restore an old version of your files, we will do it for you. If necessary, we will notify you if we observe an anomaly that would require a restoration.

Take the lead with

automatic data backups!

Do not wait for an accident to happen and put your business at risk. Join our backup system and have peace of mind!
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