Domain name

the numerical address of your company
The domain name of a site is its address on the Web. Our team supports you in order to book and operate a domain name that adequately represents you to Internet users.

Need a hand to find your

domain name?

Are you starting a business or want to expand your services soon? Know that obtaining a domain name is a crucial step in the development of your activities on the Web. Since the domain name represents you on the Web, it is essential to choose it wisely, according to your expectations and goals, but also your personality, your marketing efforts and the services you want to offer.

Our team can help you choose the domain name that will adequately represent your business online. We will take care of all the steps : check availability, reserve and renew when the time comes, etc. By entrusting us with the management of your domain name, you also benefit from the 24-hour support of our team.


$48 Per year
  • Legal and technical representation

  • Technical support included

  • DNS access included

Which domain name extensions to


Today, there is a variety of extensions for websites and shops: .ca, .com, .org, .net and even .québec.

Each extension has its usefulness and its meaning. If you wish, we can protect multiple extensions to redirect traffic to your website. If you do not protect add-ons to your primary domain name, it's possible that someone else might acquire them. Some of them also resell branded domain names that were not reserved at high prices.

Do not wait before purchasing your domain name. Once bought by someone else, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to get your hands on it. This kind of inconvenience can make your communication efforts more complex.

Preferred rate for non-profit organizations


Non-profit organizations often make up very limited budgets that prevent them from getting good quality professional services. Magik Web offers preferential pricing to NPOs who want to make a professional digital turnaround. Our team will offer you the same quality of service, but at a price that will respect your situation and your mission. Contact us to learn more or to ask all your questions!

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