Business emails

Improve the professional image of your business with branded e-mails

In business, it is essential to use a business address for your emails. This is an essential way to take care of the image of your company.


Why use a business address

for you emails?

Having your own "" address is not a luxury. With good hosting, professional emails are more effective in communicating with customers and partners, but also in marketing efforts. People's trust is greater towards an advertisement displaying a brand address, compared to another that displays a Hotmail address for example.


Per month
  • POP3 and IMAP - 10Gb

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • Integrated webmail

  • Advanced anti-spam system

  • Installation and support included


Get out of the hell

of free emails

But the benefits do not stop only at the recipients of your messages. With your own email account and our web hosting, you will benefit from our anti-spam system. Thanks to this filtering system, you will significantly reduce the time you spend cleaning your messages.

What's more, free e-mails often have problems that can not be solved without the customer service of large boxes that export their customer service.

With Magik Web, the service is offered by experienced technicians. Do you have a problem with your emails? We will settle it as soon as possible. If a problematic situation prevents you from receiving or sending messages, you will not have to wait days or weeks before a fix is applied.

Just call us or send us a message. If possible, we will take care of it in real time to avoid negative repercussions for your company.


What software do you use to

read your emails?

Generally, people check their emails by following one of these three methods :

  • They directly access the Webmail offered by their web hosting (via a cpanel or other);
  • They use an intermediary system, like Gmail, Outlook or Thunderbird;
  • They operate an email box (software installed on their device).

If you want to use a software to check your emails, we can offer you one that looks like Microsoft Outlook, but whose performance is superior, both in terms of management and speed of operations. The important email often arrives too late, our solution could allow you to save time and respond more quickly to emergencies of your customers.

Looking for

an email address for your brand?

Our team will assist you in the acquisition and operation of your branded email. Contact us to discuss your email needs!