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Does your site seem slow? Is your visibility on search engines not optimal? Do your visitors seem to not find your site catchy? Our team can help you remedy the situation!

Web Analyses:

identify the actions to take to increase your visibility

Analyses are not popular. We generally prefer concrete actions. And yet, analyses allow us to measure the impact of the actions to be taken in order to choose the ones that will bring us closer to the desired results. In fact, analyses are a critical action plan to reduce wasted time and maximize the impact of your investments.

As a result of our analysis, you will receive a detailed report that will outline your presence on the Web. Each point will be explained to you and we will present you solutions to improve the problematic elements.

Thanks to our analysis, you will have in hand a tool of choice to remain competitive or to make your place in the market. Do you operate your website alone, without the assistance of a professional designer? We will of course be available to help you in carrying out the necessary work.


One time
  • Accessibility

  • Performance

  • 1 hour optimization

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One time
  • Accessibility

  • Performance

  • 2 hours of optimization

  • SEO Web

  • -

  • -


One time
  • Accessibility

  • Performance

  • 3 hours of optimization

  • SEO Web
    In depth

  • Security
    Your website

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The accessibility of your site greatly affects your SEO and browsing experience of users. The information must be available for older or disabled users, as well as for those using mobile devices, otherwise visitors will leave your site and the engines will not give it the desired visibility.

Our team will analyze the ergonomics, browsing experience, design and accessibility of your site. You will learn more about the path taken by users when they visit your site, but also the actions to be taken to improve the overall experience.

Un site qui génère de nombreuses erreurs 404 ou qui n’est pas accessible pendant un certain temps est fortement pénalisé par les moteurs de recherche. Il est donc essentiel que les internautes aient accès facilement à votre site, à chaque instant.

Nous utilisons des outils de veille nous permettant de savoir, en temps réel, si votre site fonctionne convenablement. Si un problème survient, nous en serons immédiatement alertés, parfois même avant que vous ne vous en aperceviez!

Si vous bénéficiez de notre hébergement Web, ce service est inclus avec votre forfait. Peu importe l’heure de la journée et le jour de la semaine, nous interviendrons immédiatement en cas de panne ou de problème.



The performance of a site has a direct impact on its SEO and the user experience. We will evaluate the loading speed of the site and its components by simulating various contexts : high traffic, consultation with a device with reduced capacities, test by a visually impaired or blind user, etc.

However, speed is not the only aspect of performance : the stability of your installations is also important. We will perform load tests to examine the stability of your site and check the quality of your Web hosting.

Would you like to know more about the performance of your site?

Analyze its performancefree!



To understand what is wrong, it is sometimes necessary to draw a portrait of the elements that affect your visibility. Our SEO analysis focuses primarily on the negative or missing points. In other words, we go hunting for the negative elements in order to provide you with a procedure to improve your results. You will know if you have inaccessible pages, loading errors, problems with your content, slowdowns due to your web server, etc.

You will know exactly what is not working and you will have the right way to correct the situation.



Regardless of your domain and how you use your website, you must protect your visitors from phishing, identity theft, and digital blackmail. An infected site that redirects its traffic to questionable sites can greatly damage a company's reputation.

Our security analysis will allow you to know more about the vulnerabilities of your site. The report you will receive will also contain a wealth of information and actions to raise your level of security and to fill gaps.

Your visitors will be able to navigate in peace and you will be better protected against intrusion attempts and hackers.

  • SSL Certificate
  • HTML injection
  • Directory traversal
  • CMS vulnerability
  • SQL injection
  • Brute force attack
Note that our web security experts follow OWASP's recommendations to test the websites being scanned.
Why entrust your web analytics to

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A good analyst is thorough and curious. It does not stop at a simple list : it explores all aspects of the sites it analyzes. Our team is used to working with many technologies. We can help you raise your IT security level or improve your visibility, no matter what type of site or platform you use.

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