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Designing your website
has never been  easier

Looking for a modern and powerful website? You don’t want to worry about updates, technology management and design? Magik Web offers you turnkey solutions to design your website.

We use the latest technologies and practices that surpass the quality standards of the industry. Whether in programming, design or SEO, we place great importance on the safety and browsing experience of your visitors. After a short interview to learn more about your project, our artists will build the visual of your website and our programmers will ensure the proper functioning of the different technologies used.

You will not have to ask if your site is properly displayed on mobile devices, or if it is protected by a valid SSL certificate. In our view, these are basic standards that should be found on all modern websites.

If you want to get a powerful website that will exceed your expectations, which will appeal to Internet users and promote your search engines, contact our team!

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Cloud Intranet

with Podio

Need an effective Cloud intranet to manage your files, your communications and your projects? Podio is the ultimate solution you need! It is a customizable and extremely flexible cloud platform that will help you increase productivity and efficiency.

We use Podio ourselves to manage and automate multiple tasks. Whether it is your accounting, communications with your work teams and your employees or the management of your projects, we can create a fully customized environment to propel your digital shift.

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Organic web referencing


The more your site is visible on the search engines, the more visitors you attract. Obviously, we must attract the good! We can help you gain visibility and reach the customers you want to attract to your site. With us, you will gain popularity on the Web thanks to a complete organic SEO : from your technologies to your content, everything will be optimized to achieve your goals.

Whether to optimize your technologies, to create your content, to measure the effectiveness of your current SEO or to provide you with an effective SEO strategy, you will find the solution you need at Magik Web!

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Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions and requests for services. Whether to design or modernize your site, implement an intranet or improve your visibility on the Web, our team will advise you and accompany you.